Addon Performance Advisor

Add-on Performance Advisor Demo

How do you know if add-ons affect your browsing performance?

Add-ons can affect browsing performance during crucial activities like opening a new tab or navigating to webpages. The source of these problems is not immediately obvious to you since these are IE usage scenarios.

Picture of the IE window while waiting for add-ons to load in IE

The IE window waits for add-ons to finish loading before it can load other elements of the UI

Install the following demo toolbars to experiment with different add-on induced performance delays in IE9 and above. When enabled, once you launch IE or open a new tab, the Contoso Toolbar will trigger the Add-on Performance Advisor which helps you stay in control of your performance.

This demo is intended to be viewed using Internet Explorer 9 or above. For more details about this feature and other changes to the add-ons experience in IE, check out the IE Blog post.

Slow add-on - Contoso Toolbar (1.5 seconds load time)

Picture of Contoso Toolbar

Click to Install Contoso Toolbar

Fast add-on - Litware Toolbar (0.01 seconds load time)

Picture of Litware Toolbar

Click to Install Litware Toolbar

NOTE: If you don't see the Add-on Performance Advisor notification after you start using the Contoso Toolbar, please disable and re-enable the toolbar.