Flash Cookies

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"Flash Cookies", also known as Local Storage Objects, or LSOs, are similar to browser cookies, however they are created and managed by Adobe Flash. Recently, Adobe has updated Flash to integrate with Internet Explorer's Delete Browsing History feature so that these cookies are easier for users to manage. If you click Tools->Safety->Delete Browsing History, and then delete your cookies, your Flash Cookies will automatically be deleted for you.
This demo requires IE8 or newer, along with Adobe Flash 10.3 Release Candidate or newer.

To do the demo, you can use the text box below to store your very own Flash Cookie. Then you can use Delete Browsing History to delete it.

  1. Type any text in the box below, and then click "Save" to save your Flash Cookie
  2. Press F5 to reload the page. Notice that your cookie is still there. (It will stay there until you change it or delete it.)
  3. Delete the cookie by deleting your cookies (Tools->Safety->Delete Browsing History)
  4. Reload the page. Notice that the cookie has been deleted, and the text that you saved below has been cleared.