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Tracking Protection lets you filter out content in a page that may have an impact on your privacy.

When you visit a webpage, the domain of the webpage is shown in the address bar. If you look at the address bar now, you will see that this page’s domain is

Many webpages include content from other (third-party) websites. This particular page includes different types of content from 4 different websites:, (in green boxes), (in red boxes), and (in blue boxes).

When content is loaded from a third-party site, standard information, including your IP address and the address of the webpage you’re viewing is sent to each of the third-parties that have content in the page you’re viewing. If the website you’re visiting has a business relationship with the third party, then more information about you may be sent. By using “cookies” and other techniques, over time, these third-parties can build a profile of your browsing history.

You can filter out content from any website by using Tracking Protection Lists. Tracking Protection Lists are like “Do Not Call” lists for content that has an impact on your privacy. When you add an Tracking Protection List, Internet Explorer will prevent your information from being sent by limiting data requests to websites in the list.

To see the effect of filtering content on this page, add an Tracking Protection List for either or both of these sites by clicking on the buttons below, then refresh the page by pressing F5 or clicking on the refresh button.