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Tracking Protection Lists

Below are several Tracking Protection Lists (also called TPLs) created by companies and organizations that want to help consumers understand and make choices about their online privacy. You can add individual lists by clicking the "Add TPL" links on the right side of the page. To manage your lists, click on the Tools button, point to Safety, then click Tracking Protection. These tracking protection lists were created by their respective authors, who are solely responsible for maintaining the lists and for their content. Microsoft does not control any of these lists. Click here for answers to commonly asked questions about TPLs.

Abine, The Online Privacy Company, is the leading provider of online privacy solutions for consumers. Abine's products and services allow regular people to regain control over their personal information while continuing to browse, interact, and shop online.

Abine’s Tracking Protection List blocks many online advertising and marketing technologies that can track and profile you as you browse the Web. This list is updated weekly to keep you safer and more private.

Visit the Abine website for more information about this Tracking Protection List.

EasyPrivacy Tracking Protection List is based on the popular EasyPrivacy subscription for Adblock Plus and is managed by the well-known EasyList project, which serves nearly ten million daily users and has a large support forum with dozens of experienced members able to assist resolving any issues that may arise.

Visit the EasyList website for more information about this Tracking Protection List.

PrivacyChoice maintains a comprehensive database of tracking companies, including domains used by nearly 300 ad networks and platforms, tracking methods, summaries of key policies, oversight, and opt-out and opt-in processes.

PrivacyChoice has created Tracking Protection Lists based on this data. You have the option of installing two lists. The first list blocks companies that are not subject to oversight by the NAI and the second list blocks all tracking company domains in the PrivacyChoice database. These lists will be automatically updated with new tracking domains discovered through continuous website scanning and user panels.

Visit the PrivacyChoice website for more information about this Tracking Protection List.

TRUSTe is the leading online privacy certification and services provider. TRUSTe’s TRUSTed Tracking Protection List enables relevant and targeted ads from companies that demonstrate respectful consumer privacy practices and comply with TRUSTe’s high standards and direct oversight. TRUSTe helps users get good ads, without compromising personal privacy.

Visit the TRUSTe website for more information about this Tracking Protection List.