Sharing Sites with Windows 8

This demo is a technical inspection of the way IE10 works with the Windows 8 Share platform. With our new rich preview of websites, you can now share a title, thumbnail image, and description of the current webpage, instead of just the link in the address bar.
Share what you see with IE10. Sharing the web has never been faster or richer than with IE10 and the Windows 8 Share charm. IE will use the site's markup to create a link preview to send to apps and people. Most of the supported markup is already included in sites that people share today. If your site uses the OpenGraph markup, or meta tags, then it's ready to go.
Site Data Result
Thumbnail Image
Supported markup for Link Previews (Beta)
Property Markup Character limit
Title 1
                            <meta name="title" content="Insert Site Title Here” />
Title 2
                            <title>Insert Site Title Here</title>
                            <meta name="description" content="Insert Site Description Here” />
Image 1
                            <meta property="og:image" content="insert_image_link_here" />
Image 2
                            <link rel="image_src" href="insert_image_link_here" />
Image 3
                            <meta name="image" content="insert_image_link_here" />
Image 4
                            <meta name="thumbnail" content="insert_image_link_here" />

For more about IE10 Link Previews...

Download a sample app that uses Link Previews for sharing. (You'll need the Windows 8 Consumer Preview and Visual Studio Express Beta.) Read more about how link previews contribute to a great sharing experience in IE10 on our blog. Learn about the OpenGraph project. And of course, if you're viewing this site on a Windows 8 PC, try sharing any of the IE test drive sites from the Share charm to see Link Previews in action.