Sharing Sites with Windows 8

Download the demo app "Stash," and see how Link Previews work when sharing HTML from IE10 on Windows 8.

Download the Demo App

The following are step-by-step instructions on how to side-load the Windows Web App "Stash" on the Windows 8 Consumer Preview.


1. Click on this link to download the zip file. When prompted, select "Open."
open Stash screenshot
This should open your file explorer and show a folder named "StashBeta."
2. Go up one level in your file explorer to the folder that contains "" folder
3. Right click on "" and select "Extract All..."
Flyout from folder - Select Extract All...
If you're prompted with "Opening these files might be harmful to your computer..." select "Okay."
Windows Security Dialog - Select Okay
4. Use "Browse" to follow the prompts to choose a location on your local file system. Once you've chosen where you want to save the app, click "Extract."
Extract Compressed (Zipped) Folders dialog
5. The project should be extracted and you should again see the "StashBeta" folder. Go into that folder.
StashBeta folder
6. Right click on "Add-AppxDevPackage(RunAsAdministrator).bat" and select "Run as administrator."
Select Run as Administrator from .bat file menu
If you're asked if you want to run this software, select "Yes."
Run Software Dialog
An administrator command prompt should show up. Wait until it says "Developer Package Successfully Installed!" and then hit any key.
Command Prompt says developer package successfully installed

Congrats! You should see the Stash tile on your Windows 8 Start screen. Click on it and stash away.
Stash Tile on Start Screen