HTML5 Video Caption Maker

Caption Maker lets you view a video and define captions for scenes between in and out points. Once you've created a caption list, you can save it to a WebVTT or TTML format file which can be used in Internet Explorer 10. You can preview the caption file with the video from within Caption Maker, or create yourself an HTML5 webpage that uses the track tag.

This demo allows you to create simple video caption files. Start by loading a video in a format your browser can play. Then alternately play and pause the video, entering a caption for each segment.

If you have a saved WebVTT or TTML caption file for your video, you may load it, edit the text of existing segments, or append new segments.

Load Existing Caption File [optional]
Caption list:
Choose caption file format:
Select and copy the caption file contents below and paste into a .vtt file or save it to a file using the “Save to File” button below:
HTML5 <video> element with <track> element markup:

<video controls src="">

<track kind="captions" src="" srclang="en-us" label="English" />


This demo supports subsets of the W3C TTML 1.0 Recommendation and the rapidly evolving WebVTT file format. The supported subsets match those supported for playback in Internet Explorer 10.