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We should put on our 

Best Dresses!

FF Nexus Serif presents:

{ -ms-font-feature-settings: "cswh" 1; }

What might suit the occasion? 

Ultra high heels?

FF Unit presents:

{ -ms-font-feature-settings: "ss01" 1; }

{ -ms-font-feature-settings: "ss02" 1; }

{ -ms-font-feature-settings: "ss03" 1; }

{ -ms-font-feature-settings: "ss04" 1; }

Like in those glamour magazines!

FF Mister K presents:

{ -ms-font-feature-settings: "calt" 1; }

Maybe a skirt; 

Mini, or even 


FF Ernestine presents:

{ -ms-font-feature-settings: "smcp" 1; }

FF Ernestine presents:

{ -ms-font-feature-settings: "pcap" 1; }

Oh c’mon, 

stop that girlish talk!

FF Milo Serif presents:

{ -ms-font-feature-settings: "dlig" 1; }

Exactly. We still have 

2670 pixels to scroll.

FF DIN Round presents:

{ -ms-font-feature-settings: "onum" 1; }


fluffily come to an end now.

FF Tartine Script presents:

{ -ms-font-feature-settings: "liga" 1; }

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