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Explore the typographic possibilities you can achieve with OpenType web fonts in IE10. Try it yourself:

Organic Ingredients

  • 99 44/100 Pure sweetness
  • All the taste with 1/2 the effort
  • 2/3 Less sweat
  • 7/8 Creative inspiration

Serving suggestion

  • Branded sites
  • Publications
  • Advertisements
  • And more...

Browser compatibility:Can everyone handle the spice?

  • IE 10 +
    IE 10 +
  • Firefox 4.0 +
    Firefox 4.0 +
  • Safari 5.0
  • Chrome 17
  • Opera 11.1

Are you spicing it up?



Tongue Burnin’

When you’ve had enough of plain or boring, give Contextual Alternates a try. This OpenType feature creates different appearances for text uses random or alternate glyphs to be substituted based on the character combination. The font Rebus Script is one example that can make your head spin with creative delight.

Font: Rebus Script
CSS: -ms-font-feature-settings: 'calt' 1;

Dear mom,
Keep your plates clean.
This time I will cook for us.

This sunday at 3pm? :)



ALL Spice

Ligatures are two or more glyphs that are formed into a single glyph in order to create more readable or attractive text. There are different kinds of ligatures: standard, stylistic and discretionary. Each provides that extra spice to give your words the right flavoring.

Font: Pericles Pro
CSS: -ms-font-feature-settings: 'liga' 1, 'dlig' 1;

Little surprises
100% All natural Contents
The spicy flavor

Stylistic SETS


THick and saucy

Stylistic Sets are like having all your favorite cooking ingredients and spices in pre-made sets. Depending upon the whims of the type designer, this OpenType feature can cook up some amazing effects sure to impress your taste buds.

Font: Impact 2010
CSS: -ms-font-feature-settings: 'salt' 1;

keep refrigerated
after opening
aged to perfection




My mother always said “presentation is everything.” Swashes are decorative glyphs that can add flair and panache to entry strokes. Small Capitals are hand drawn to have a proper weight as lowercase letters, so they balance well with uppercase letters. These two OpenType features can add a touch of elegance and serve as frosting on the cake! But like any powerful spice, exercise caution...

Font: Veljovic Script
CSS: -ms-font-feature-settings: 'swsh' 1, 'smcp' 1;

You’re invited
to a Special Evening of
Culinary Exquisite Treats