Simple Delivery Profile for TTML Captions

SDP-US support in Internet Explorer 11 supports TTML features that meet FCC requirements for caption presentation and style. Text and backgrounds may be styled and colored. Multiple text caption areas may be used at one time. Captions may be moved to avoid blocking video content. And captions can be presented in one of three distinct methods:

  • Pop-up: Text appears in place, overwriting previous captioning text.
  • Roll-up: Text appears in a rolling box, with 2 or more lines visible at a time.
  • Paint-on: Text appears one word or group of words at a time. Paint-on can be combined with Pop-up or Roll-up basic presentation types.

  • This demo shows captions in each of the three presentation styles. Use the buttons above to select the different presentation options. And watch for some other styling changes we've mixed in.