ECMAScript 5 Arrays

JavaScript support in IE9 is designed to support that latest JavaScript standard, ECMAScript 5. ECMAScript 5 adds nine new methods for searching and manipulating array contents. These methods all perform operations that previously would have required explicit coding of iterative loops. This demo allows you to experiment with these new methods.

To use it, just choose a method from the drop-down menu in the left column. You will see a description of the method. In the right column, you may then select the array object that the method will operate upon. You may also set the argument values that will be passed to the method. Arguments that are functions are selected from a set of available functions using radio buttons. Argument values that are not functions can be entered as numeric literals, string literals delimited with double quote characters, or the special values: true, false, null, undefined, Infinity, or NaN. When you click the Call the method button, the method will be called and the return value of the call will be displayed