ECMAScript5 Breakout

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ECMAScript5 features are now fully-integrated into the IE9 JavaScript programming environment.

You might have already seen the ECMAScript5 Arrays and ECMAScript5 Game demos that we created, both of which showcased the new Array methods introduced in ECMAScript5 specification.

This demo is a modified version of the Breakout game and runs in automode with three balls bouncing around and breaking the bricks. It uses some of the new Object functions introduced as a part of the Object Model Enhancements in ECMAScript5 specification.

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Details of ECMAScript5 features used in this game. (Click any feature name to learn more about the feature and see code samples)

Instead of custom tracking, the above built-in functions simplify and abstract the functionality of tracking the game's progress into the brick objects and its prototype.

Other Object functions introduced in IE9 as a part of the ECMAScript5 Object Model enhancements