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Featuring Content Supported by Windows Azure Media Services and PlayReady Content Protection

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:  Content is clear and does not require PlayReady support for playback.

:  Content is protected and requires PlayReady support.

Professional Quality Video in Internet Explorer:

Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 8.1 supports emerging standards for web encryption, adaptive streaming, content protection and rich captioning. This delivers professional quality web media capabilities without additional software plug-ins. Key new HTML media specifications supported in Windows 8.1 include:

  • Web Crypto:  Allows web app access to encryption features for security and user authentication.
  • Media Source Extensions:  Enables adaptive streaming for audio and video.
  • Encrypted Media Extensions:  Enables playback of PlayReady protected content, with no additional licensing.
  • TTML Simple Delivery Profile:  Allows rich caption styling to suit different media needs, and allows user control to optimize legibility.
  • Other new media capabilities include:

  • Full Screen API:  Allows custom controls that switch to full screen.
  • Cacheless XMLHttpRequests:  Allows media downloads that bypass saving to local storage.
  • Touch Optimized Media Controls:  Standard controls have been optimized for touch, and now include video zoom for letterboxed content.
  • Demo Instructions:

  • Select content in the left panel for playback. Scroll down to see additional selections.
  • Observe the “Current Content” protection status to see when PlayReady is active.
  • Adjust the bitrate slider and wait a few seconds to see changes between content quality levels.
  • Play a captioned file to see styled captions, and note that a caption button is added to the media transport controls.
  • Click the full screen button to toggle in and out of full screen playback, and note a video zoom button is added when content is letterboxed. Click it to fill the screen with video.
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