Thanks for checking out this Internet Explorer 11 demo. This demo uses a variety of HTML, Javascript, and CSS3 techniques to light up the screen, race to idle, and showcase browser performance and power efficiency.

You are using a browser that doesn't support multi-line Flexbox layout with CSS3. You aren't getting the best experiences the Internet has to offer! Upgrade to Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 8.1 to see what the Web has been waiting for!
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Lite•Brite Benchmark is designed to measure the performance of your browser by lighting up your screen with dozens of HTML, CSS and JavaScript features including HTML DocType, CSS2 Layout, CSS3 Layout, CSS3 Flexbox, HTML5 Audio, requestAnimationFrame, HTML5 Timers, HTML5 Controls, HTML5 Canvas, WOFF Fonts, High DPI displays, ECMAScript 5, ECMAScript6, JSON, feature detection, CSS Border-Image, Power Efficiency, Touch Support, and the list goes on!