The Maze Solver demo exercises the browser layout engine as it calculates the path through a maze. With every step through the maze the demo colours and positions a circle for each position in the maze to indicate whether a cell is part of the solution path or a deadend. Once the path through the maze has been calculated the total time through the maze is displayed on screen.
Use the tab key to cycle through elements, change maze sizes, and start the solver.

Maze Solver

CSS3 Layout Performance Test


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Performance on the web is multi-dimensional. In this test we focus on the browser layout engine to exercise the browser's handling of CSS 2.1 and CSS 3 layout constructs. These constructs are used to style HTML, and the layout engine is an important component of overall web browser performance.

The mazes in this test are constructed from hundreds of HTML elements styled with CSS. Every step through the maze changes the style of a single HTML element. How quickly a browser can process that change determines how quickly the maze is completed. Designed from the ground up for speed, Internet Explorer 9's layout engine scales well even to large mazes.