Minesweeper-The Benchmark

Minesweeper is a Test Drive demo built on a breadth of Web platform capabilities including HTML5, CSS3, WOFF, touch, animations, transitions, audio, video, canvas, transforms, and power efficiency patterns. The game uses standards-based mark-up for interoperability across browsers, and makes the most of fully hardware accelerated browsers like IE10 on both Windows 7 and Windows 8, with consistent performance across a wide range of devices including tablets like the Surface RT. Minesweeper’s performance mode measures how long it takes the browser to solve the minesweeper board, so you can test your browser performance with different minesweeper boards with different complexity.
Play Minesweeper
  • square Click or tap these squares to reveal what is under it.
  • flag Flag a mine by pressing and hold on the square with touch, or right-clicking with the mouse.
  • mine Avoid mines and clear the board!
  • To "clear around" a square, hold down and then release both mouse buttons on that square (or just hold down and then release on the square using touch). This works when you've already flagged all the mines for a particular square (for example, you have 3 flags touching a "3").
Let's see how fast your browser is at running a computationally, mathematically, and graphically intensive app! Thank you WebKit SunSpider :-)

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