Thanks for checking out this Internet Explorer 10 Platform Preview demo. This demo uses animation techniques to draw a typical seattle rainy day. The more powerful the underlying computer and the browser, the faster the rain will fall. This demo uses CSS 2d transforms for the raindrops, SVG for the city scape, HTML5 Canvas for the (moving) sun in the clouds, CSS animations and transitions for the text and selector panels, as well as IE10 pointer events for panning. It's a fun way to demonstrate how Internet Explorer 10's overall performance, from hardware accelerated graphics, to compiled javascript, to hardware accelerated canvas, will enable a new generation of HTML5 applications. The purpose of these demos is to convey a concept and is not intended to be used as a best practice for web development.
Welcome to Seattle!
As you can see, it's a beautiful spring day.
Use your mouse or touch to look around.

Tap the leaf to change the season.

You can visit the Space Needle over to the left, and the Seahawks stadium is the other way.
A beautiful spring day in Seattle