Text Justification Animated

This demonstration shows IE9’s sub-pixel text positioning in two contexts: (1) a paragraph of justified text and (2) a block of text to which we apply fractional letterspacing.

To see the effect, compare the animations that occur when you click “Widen Justify Box” and “Increase Letterspacing” between Internet Explorer Platform Preview and other browsers.

Reset Widen Justify Box Increase Letterspacing

A   p a r a g r a p h   o f
s p a c e d   a n d
j u s t i f i e d   t e x t

Sub-pixel positioned text
with sub-pixel letterspacing
courtesy of DirectWrite
rendered by Direct2D

Internet Explorer 9’s sub-pixel text positioning is made possible by the new Windows 7 Direct2D and DirectWrite technologies.

For added emphasis, the top block of this demonstration is formatted using the CSS3 Text property text-align-last. The block may not appear justified in older versions of some browsers.